Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Berkeley, CA

Alignment is critical to minimize tire wear, and for good handling and road control. Alignment is normally recommended with each set of new tires, but may not be necessary unless the old tires showed abnormal wear, pulls to one side, or the steering wheel is off center. The suspension should be inspected for loose or damaged components before an alignment. If the car is pulling to one side, then the tires should be rotated side to side. Sometimes a tire carcass can cause the pulling.

There are alignment adjustments on the rear suspension of Mark V and some Mark VI vehicles, all 4wd VW and Audi models, and all Vanwagons and Eurovans. 4 wheel alignment is needed about once every 100,000 miles, or after any related accident. Most customers notice that after a 4 wheel alignment, their vehicle goes straighter and is easier to control when passing trucks or fighting side winds. Even if your vehicle does not have adjustments in the rear suspension, the suspension angles will be checked with any alignment to make sure nothing is bent or worn.

Keep an eye on your tires. Every once in a while, when your car is parked with the wheels turned, glance at the front tires to get a view of the inside edge. If you see bald rubber without tread, or worse yet, cord showing, then alignment may be your issue. And you just saved yourself a potentially perilous blowout. We keep track of your tires every time your car comes in. If we see an issue, we will check your suspension, and likely recommend an alignment. H&B Karmakanix makes sure that all adjustments get set to the factory specifications, and test drives your vehicle to be sure it comes out right.