Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement in Berkeley, CA

Timing belts get replaced at regular intervals to avoid one ever breaking. This makes it possibly the most important maintenance job on your car, and it must be done right. A broken timing belt will certainly cost a bundle for a valve job, and may completely destroy the engine. H&B Karmakanix inspects your timing belt at every major service. We also have a look during a Pre Purchase inspection. If it is showing signs of age, or any damage, it should be replaced promptly. Normal timing belt life differs among motors, and is usually between 60,000 and 90,000. Have your Service Advisor check your records for the last time your timing belt was replaced.

During a timing belt replacement our technicians follow the factory recommendations exactly. We replace the tensioner, idler rollers, and water pump. If needed, we also replace the serpentine belt and/or the serpentine tensioner assembly. H&B Karmakanix has ALL of the factory tools for EVERY timing belt replacement job. And all of the bolts get perfectly tightened. Some engines require that the timing be reset using a computer. Many models require removing the front end of the car. We are always careful with your car’s paint, and make sure everything lines up perfectly when we are done.