Factory Services

Factory Services in Berkeley, CA

Volkswagen and Audi are part of a network that uses the server called erWin as the source for all coding and software for their cars. The acronym stands for Electronic Repair and Workshop INformation. Reputedly, the little guy standing next to the W in the erWin logo refers to a German fellow, possibly Erwin Komenda, the designer of the original Beetle body. He worked for Ferdinand Porsche from 1936 to 1961. At the server level, erWin provides us with a variety of up-to-date information and services:

  • Workshop Manuals by Volkswagen AG
  • Repair Information, Self-Study and Training Programs
  • Maintenance Tables, Vehicle Data and Field Measures
  • Continuous Data Updates
  • Access to the Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service

ODIS stands for Offboard Diagnostic Information System. The erWin System is the source of all the special services normally only found at a dealership. ODIS is the service through which the erWin information and services are applied, kind of like a very high tech scan tool. Karmakanix is fully authorized and linked to erWin through the Factory Server. And these services are available at a fraction of the cost at a dealership. We have all the equipment and training to perform:

  • Key Programming
  • Immobilizer Programming
  • Guided Fault Finding
  • Guided Function Testing
  • Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation
  • Radio Code Retrieval and Installation
  • Control Unit Software Updates for all ECUs
  • Consumer Protection Coding on Expensive New Parts

Key Programming and Immobilizer Programming

Occasionally, a customer just looses a key. More commonly, someone buys a used car, and it only comes with one key. It is highly recommended to have at least 2 keys, and preferable to have a valet key for emergencies as well. We charge only $120 for our Key Programming service. Valet style keys cost $65 to $90. Electronic key fobs run between $185 and $275 depending on your model. If there is no key to copy, then a new key must come from Germany through the dealership. And that new key will require being recoded to the car. Don’t take a chance on being without your car for weeks or months if your last key gets lost!

Radio Codes

On the instance that one’s battery goes completely dead, or just gets disconnected by some unwary shop or tow truck driver, the radio must be recoded before it will work again. Many customers, especially Second Owners, don’t have the code to bring the radio alive again. We can get that code through the erWin network and install it for you.

Diagnostics and Repairs

To us, erWin and ODIS are another set of tools in the box. Big tools. Of the many high tech methods, our technicians specialize in oscilloscope graphs to verify diagnostics. ODIS is a great diagnostic parallel, and erWin provides the capability to perform some of the final steps that would normally require a trip to the dealer, sometimes on a tow truck. With erWin we can also install all the software and ECU updates called for during a recall for reflashing any Electronic Control Unit. ODIS is also the best and sometimes the only source for Vehicle Data, Workshop Manuals, Electrical Circuit Diagrams, Emergency Field Actions and Technical Product and Systems Information.

For a more information about erWin and ODIS, click here for the Factory erWin Tour.