Warranty Service

Warranty Considerations

It’s important that the work done on your car maintains all warranties, in order to avoid unnecessary expense. This is a longstanding concern of ours, and part of the service we offer in order to save you money. We are constantly on the watch for those problems which might fall within the express or mandated warranties or recalls. Please let us know if you have a third party warranty, so that we can consult for authorization with that company in advance of repairs.

New Car Warranty

For free services on your new BMW or Mini, the dealer is your only resource, since dealers are reimbursed for warranty service by the manufacturer.

New Car Non-Warranty Service

However, for non-warranty service — service you will have to pay for, such as additional oil changes, tires, etc. — H&B offers you superior quality and more competitive pricing.

Warranty about to Expire?

A unique — often money saving — service we provide is to check your car over just before your manufacturer warranty expires. We have been able to catch issues for our customers that would not become apparent or critical until after the warranty had expired, and so enable them to have the work and cost covered by their warranty.

Aftermarket & Extended Warranties

Based on our years of experience, we are well-versed in most third party warranties (we even helped design one for a trade association).

We can alert you to the fine points of coverage to help you get the most out of your policy. We always help owners maximize their investment in these warranties, no matter how much red tape is involved.

Federal & State Warranties

California & EPA Mandated

Upon expiration of the new car warranty, we are your best service resource — for many reasons. One special service that we provide for our customers is to inform you if any issues with your vehicle can be covered — for free — under the “fine print” mandates of the California and EPA.

  • EPA Environmental Fact Sheet

Emissions warranties for 1995 and newer cars & trucks

". . . the staff at H&B took the time to clearly explain the problem and solution in a professional manner. How they patiently explain the issue will put a lot of so-called professionals and customer service representatives to shame . . . their prices are competitive to two SF independent BMW repair shops and certainly cheaper than — and without the attitude of — the local dealer."