Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation in Berkeley, CA

Tire rotation is included in our major services. However, we check your tire tread depth and inflation every time your vehicle comes in for any service or repair. We record the tire depths and condition in your customer profile. Modern quality rubber has a high silicon content to make it stick better, especially on cold asphalt. And it lasts longer, the factory rotation interval may not be appropriate for your tires.

Cars tend to wear out the front tires faster than the rears for a number of reasons. Even on a 4WD Audi, the front tires get a harder workout. There is much more side force during cornering. When braking, the weight of the car pitches forward and thus more force is getting placed on the front tires during braking. It should be no surprise that not having your tires rotated will certainly lead to the front tires wearing out first.

Some tires wear more slowly than others and the tire rotation interval is longer. And just because a tire lasts longer does not mean it is a quality tire, it may be just hard, crappy rubber. Or it may be high grade rubber. You often get what you pay for. Our Service Advisors will let you if your car needs tire rotation outside the parameters of a service. You can have your Service Advisor access your records at any time.