Tire Repair

Tire Repair in Berkeley, CA

Flat tires are one of those luck questions. At every service, your Karmakanix technician checks your tires for proper inflation and flat tires. Many customers do not realize that an under inflated tire runs hot, and can actually melt the inside surface into little balls and shards. Any tire repair must involve removing the tire from the rim and using a mushroom shaped plug that is installed from the inside and cannot come out. We do not use the “gorilla tails” that can fail when your tire is the hottest, meaning a high speed freeway trip. If repair is required, we follow the tire manufacturer’s guidelines:

  • The object must be within the tread section of the tire, not within 1" of sidewall. Sidewall punctures are NOT repairable.
  • The puncture must not have damaged the tread reinforcing cord, and no steel belt protruding inwards.
  • Not with 18" of another tire repair.
  • Only 3 tire repairs maximum per tire.
  • NO repairs on run flat tires.
  • No repair if Fixaflat material is found inside tire.
  • The remaining tread on the tire must be greater than the wear limit of 3/32".
  • The tire must not be bald on edges, and not have cord showing anywhere.
  • The tire must not have large age cracks or deteriorated rubber either from age or overheating.

We evaluate all your tires before any repairs to give you our best advice on your alternatives. We keep records on the age and tread depth of your tires. Ask your Service Advisor how much tread is left on all your tires, or if there is any other reason not to fix your flat tire.