TDI Performance


TDI High Performance: Pumping Up Your Power

Any and all of the Tdi series are commonly chipped with Malone Tunes to get better power and mileage. Anywhere from mild, happy power increase with 10% better mileage to Blow-Away-the-Mustang power can be had. The first step in Tdi performance requires just chipping: $300- $500, plus labor. The next step is bigger injectors with the right chip and a bit of custom tuning: $1300-$1600 total, plus labor. Somewhere further in between is the larger injectors, an HD clutch kit, a 3 bar MAP sensor and one or two sizes bigger turbocharger: $2600- $3500 plus labor.

To see the Mustang in the rearview mirror, add: A REALLY big turbo, REALLY big injectors, a nasty camshaft and a bigger intercooler with ducts: Up the andy to $6500 plus labor. To be able to do this reliably, add a super crank with special rods and pistons, magnificent head bolts and a porting job, super engine mounts and a lot of transmission reinforcement plus a Quaife or Pelican differential: Price: $ Look at the Sky. Then there is nitrous……. Of course, this seldom happens, but V8 Mustangs have been shamed by a lowly Golf Tdi with a highly modified motor and drivetrain.

For real Tdi performance, the PD and CR motors don’t really require injector replacement. The stock injectors will do just fine for 30% and higher big-time power. Larger turbos are a common modification. To get close to the Mustang eater club, PD’s require bigger injectors and they are religiously expensive. Bigger injectors for a CR aren’t around for less than a space shuttle ride. Both the Common Rail and the Pumpe Duse engines usually go all the way with just larger turbos, and injectors are used only for full race applications.

After all the giddy imagination and day dreaming, it should be said that there is a happy medium for anyone who wants to power up, get more miles per bucket, and remain perfectly reliable. Check with your Karmakanix Service Advisor for where your goals and limits should be set concerning Tdi performance and your car.