Inspections: 3 Different Types

Inspections in Berkeley, CA: 3 Different Types Complimentary Inspection

H&B Karmakanix policy is that we include a free complimentary inspection the first time we see any car. We may also perform this service if we have not seen a car for many miles or years. We check all the safety items such as lights, wipers, suspension, brakes, tires and fluid levels. A quick check of the stereotypic failure items for each model is addressed. Our attitude is to take responsibility for reporting the condition of the car, with your safety and welfare in mind.

Pre Trip Inspection

Driving off to New Orleans with the family? Want to be sure you don’t get stuck in West Texas instead? This one hour checkup is designed to add confidence to your trip. Every major system is reviewed. All onboard computers get checked for codes, all fluids get checked for quality and capacity. Then a full inspection of your tires, timing belt, brakes, lights, tuneup status, etc. Basically everything about the road worthiness of your car gets inspected to be sure you get to drive there and back without the chance of experiencing a breakdown. Please try to allow at least a few days of advance warning so anything pressing can be repaired.

Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

Before you invest your savings in an unknown vehicle, have us do an end-to-end, fine-tooth-comb inspection. Any car with any appreciable amount of miles will have issues, some hidden or just unresolved. We often find accident damage on relatively new cars from curb hopping, accidental off road usage, or extreme rust and corrosion from living in a salt state. We are looking for problems that never got reported to an insurance company and will not show up on a CarFax report. We are very aware of the stereotypic problems of each and every model and motor. We sometimes advise buyers to skip on certain first-year models with certain first-year technology issues. Used Car Buyers would be well advised to check out some of the information on this website that pertains to the model you are considering buying before you go to look at your prospective purchase.

Don’t let someone else’s lack of maintenance drain your checkbook. Nothing scares us more during a Used Car Inspection than the previous owner telling us what a great car it is because he has not had to spend a dime on it in ages. We check everything from scratches and hidden body damage, to every electrical and mechanical device and system. A full report is comprehensively outlined for you, including do-it-now and what the future bodes for repair and maintenance expenses. We can share this information with the seller if you like, or bring them with you for the whole experience. We have even done inspections for customers from other cities and countries, while they were at home. A lot can be happening by phone and email. Make sure you are paying the right price for the right car!