4 Wheel Alignment

4-Wheel Alignment in Berkeley, CA

Alignment is critical to minimize tire wear, and for good handling and road control. 4 wheel alignment is needed about once every 100,000 miles, barring accidents or off road behavior. Adjustments on the rear suspension occur on Volkswagen Mark V and some Mark VI vehicles, all 4wd VW and Audi models, and all Vanwagons and Eurovans. Few people realize that these cars are completely adjustable for alignment, front AND rear. Most of the vans we see for the first time have never had the rear alignment adjusted, ever. We can tell because the nuts and bolts for the adjustments are covered in road debris, and the outer rear caps have never been removed.

The 4 wheel alignment is critical on any vehicle. Even cars with no rear suspension adjustments should be checked. Something might be bent. When the rear tires don’t point the right direction, it becomes like they are steering the vehicle in several directions at once. The car literally wanders down the road. Sometimes you can look at a vehicle in front of you, and tell that the rear is off center from the front. The vehicle is "crabbing" down the road. Most customers notice that after a 4 wheel alignment, that their vehicle goes straighter and is easier to control when passing trucks or fighting side winds.