Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Scan and Diagnostics

When your yellow Check Engine Light comes on, there is a malfunction in one of the car's systems. That is why that light is also called the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). Most codes refer to something with the engine, but can it refer to the transmission, ABS brakes or some other component. There are a variety of reasons that the Check Engine Light might be on, and some of them lead to expensive problems. The car’s control units need to be scanned to reveal the codes before a diagnostic pathway be established. If you can tell that the car is running incorrectly, you might want to tow it in. You should not just continue to use the car without knowing what is going wrong.

We can always properly diagnose the issue that caused the Check Engine Light to come on. Our technicians are highly trained and have factory level equipment. Most of the possible problems we have already seen before. But even the tough problems always get solved in a timely manner, and for a reasonable cost. Look at it like this: A dealer would charge you an hour of time just to give you the codes. We can usually check the codes and diagnose 90% of the possible problems in about one hour.